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A single row needle bearing 704702 704702К2 with a blind outer ring, without an inner ring, is worn directly on the cross of the driveshaft, which is why it is called a cardan bearing.APPLICABILITY: GAZ vehicles, both trucks and light trucks and cars of brands 2217, 2752 (Sable), 2705, 2752, 3221, 32212, 32213, 32217, 3302, 33021, 33023, 33027 (Gazelle), 3301, 3110, 3102, 31022, 31023, 31029, 33081, GAZ 66 and various derivatives;UAZ cars of almost all models: 2206, 3151, 3153, 3160, 3303, 3741, 3909, 3962, 451, 452, 469 (and derivatives).ZIL trucks (131, 137) (winch, driveshaft joints);MAZ 547 (engine cooling system);Tractors MTZ-52, MTZ-82, MTZ-100, MTZ-102 (propeller shaft of the front drive axle (FDA)).Agricultural machinery (Niva harvester - a cardan drive hinge), as well as a host of other various obsolete machinery, for example, LuAZ, RAF.
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Bearing 704702 single row needle with a blind outer ring

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Фото2 Needle roller 704702 single row needle with a blind outer ring
(704702 single row needle with a blind outer ring)
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