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Bearing 204 closed. Scope of application. Detailed description

Ball Radial bearing 204 closed perceives radial loads and axial loads, however, much less.

Video review of the Japanese bearing 204 closed

On sale you will find a bearing of both open and closed type, as well as such types of bearings of this standard size:

  • 80204 on both sides closed with a special washer;
  • 60204 steel washer closed on one side only;
  • 180204 closed with rubber seal on both sides;
  • 50204 is an open-type bearing, it has an retaining ring groove on the outer lens. This detail distinguishes this model from the bearing 204.

This bearing has an analogue number 6204.

Which one on the bearing 204 closed the priceWhere is this model used?

The low price and versatility of the application determined the high demand for the bearing 204 of the closed type. Most often it is used in the automotive industry of domestic production, as well as in combines and motor-wheels. In this case, it is appropriate to say about such qualities of the model as a large stock of wear resistance and high reliability.

We offer a greater overview of the bearing 204 closed and other sizes on our Ютуб channel.



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