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Bearings: friction, radial, roller, sliding and ball

By the principle of operation, all bearings can be divided into several types. The main types that are used in mechanical engineering are friction bearings, sliding bearings and a support bearing.

Sliding bearings are called technical devices that allow linear movement in space. They are widely used in both domestic and industrial areas of human activity.

Holes have a different shape in them. They also differ in the material that covers the rubbing surfaces.

Friction bearings are used in industrial and domestic spheres of human activity due to a simple structure. When friction bearings are used, the energy losses due to friction are significantly reduced, and as a result, the wear of the device is reduced. As a drawback of support on them, can be attributed more complex installation of them in comparison with the supports on others.

By the type of rolling bodies they are divided into:

  • Ball bearings (one of the radial types used in many industries); 
  • Roller bearings. 

It was found that the use of ball bearings increased the longevity of the devices.

Radial bearings are one of the most common types that have been used in industry for many years.
On radial bearings demand is always great.
Among their numerous advantages it should be noted:

  • low noise level during operation; 
  • simplicity of operation; 
  • high degree of reliability. 

Their field of application is unusually wide - they are installed in electric motors, computers (hard disks), pumps and fans, gear boxes, etc.

The main function of roller bearings is the perception of radial loads. In terms of their technical characteristics, roller ones are almost in no way inferior to the more popular ball bearings.

Roller ones are always in great demand in mechanical engineering - they are used in rotating parts of machine tools, medical equipment, robots, electric motors and other devices where maximum precision is required.