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Spare parts for coils

Bearings for fishing reels Shimano, Daiwa to buy Ukraine

Over the years, fishing reels became lighter, stronger, smoother and more reliable. Bearings play a big role in this development. Thanks to better steel, more accurate tolerances, more efficient lubricants and automatic assembly, high-precision fishing reels have become more affordable than ever. Most coils use from one or two to more than ten bearings, which are installed in spools, worm gears, lesoukladyvatel rollers and handles.

Corrosion-resistant miniature precision bearings due to high-grade stainless steel, excellent accuracy and roughness are supplied as original parts for manufacturers of fishing reels, including Abu Garcia, Daiwa, Penn, Shimano, Adcock Stanton и JW Young.

Open bearings are lubricated with a small amount of low viscosity instrument lubricant. Iron-covered (shielded) bearings are lubricated with low torque wear-resistant lithium grease for low rolling resistance. These bearings are suitable for all types of coils: inertia, fly fishing, inertial, multiplier, dorsal.

Our stainless steel bearings for fishing are available both open and with protective covers made of stainless steel. For easier cleaning and re-lubrication, they can be supplied with one cap.

If the bearing designation indicates the letter S, then it is made of stainless steel components.

Depending on your fishing conditions, bearings can be supplied with special lubricants. This can be  waterproof grease, salt water grease (sea).

Inner diameter (mm) Outer diameter (mm) Width (mm) CLOSED BEARING
3 6 2,5 MR63ZZ
4 7 2,5 MR128ZZ
5 8 2,5 MR85ZZ
13 4 695ZZ
6 10 2,5 MR106ZZ
7 11 3 MR117ZZ
14 3,5 687ZZ
17 4  
8 12 2,5 MR128ZZ
14 3,5 MR148ZZ
19 6 698Z
22 7 608ZZ
9 17 5 689ZZ
10 26 8 6000Z


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The bearing ex206g2 is a ball bearing that serves as a support for the shafts, its body consists of two rings that are connected by a cage.

Bearing es207g2 is fastened a ball bearing. The bearing consists of two parts – races, inner and outer, connected by a cage. It is self-installing (housing).

The es208g2 bearing is a ball bearing that is attached to the shaft. The two parts, called races, inner and outer, connected by a cage, make up its body.

GE ..- KRR-B snap-in bearings in a wide range with analogues at affordable prices