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Prices are valid for 27.11.2020

Bearings for combines, case bearings from CX

 The following main body-mounted combine bearings of the CX brand (country of origin Poland) are on sale:
(You can find out current availability and price by clicking on the link in the column "CX designation"; all data is relevant)
CX designation Description Price for 07.03.19
FD207 combine bearing 209 uah
SA206 bearing for CLAAS combine 123 uah
SB204 bearing housing combine 64 uah
UC205 bearing housing 77 uah
UC207 bearing in combine 111 uah
UC208 bearing in the housing 168 uah
UC210 combine bearings 241 uah
UCF205 4-hole square housing bearing 138 uah
UCF207 4 hole housing with bearing 256 uah
UCFC207 bearing in a round cast iron housing for 4 fasteners 294 uah
UCFL205 diamond-shaped case with 2 holes with a bearing inside 117 uah
UCFL208 rhombic cast iron bearing for 2 fastenings 277 uah
UCP203 bearing in a round case on 2 legs 148 uah
UCP204 round body for 2 fasteners with bearing 130 uah
UCP205 bearing bearing on two legs 121 uah
UCP206 combine bearing in a round housing for 2 fasteners 179 uah
UCP207 2-hole round housing with bearing 222 uah
UCP307 bearing on a combine with a round body on 2 legs 503 uah
UCPA204  combine bearing in a round case with 2 short legs 128 uah
UCPA206 housing for 2 mounts with a combine bearing 205 uah

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