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Prices are valid for 22.06.2024

Belts wedge firms Fenner Top Drive

 The following bearings of the Fenner Top Drive brand (country of origin India, the country of production India) are on sale:
(You can find out current availability and price by clicking on the link in the column "Fenner Top Drive designation"; all data is relevant)
GOST number ISO number Price for 07.03.19
А-1000 A-1000 60 uah
А-1040 A-1040 62 uah
А-1060 A-1060 64 uah
А-1120 A-1120 67 uah
А-1220 A-1220 73 uah
А-1250 A-1250 75 uah
А-1280 A-1280 77 uah
А-1400 A-1400 84 uah
А-1700 A-1700 94 uah
А-2000 A-2000 111 uah
А-2360 A-2360  131 uah
А-710 A-710 43 uah
А-750 A-750 45 uah
А-900 A-900 55 uah
А-950 A-950 57 uah
Б-1000 B-1000 92 uah
Б-1060 B-1060 98 uah
Б-1120 B-1120 104 uah
Б-1180 B-1180 110 uah
Б-1200 B-1200 111 uah
Б-1220 B-1220 113 uah
Б-1250 B-1250 116 uah
Б-3000 B-3000 255 uah
0-1060 Z-1060  75 uah
0-670 Z-670 42 uah

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