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18590/18520 bearing size 041,275x73,025x16,667 in the Internet search use the designation bearing 41x73x16 or 41x73x17 This type of bearing is detachable, which allows the inner ring with a separator and rollers to be installed separately from the outer ring. Tapered roller bearings can withstand axial loads in one direction, as well as large radial loads. Axial load capacity depends on the contact angle, that is, the more, the higher the load the bearing can withstand. Tapered roller bearings, as a rule, are installed in pairs, mirror relative to each other with axial adjustment. The working temperature of their use is from -30 ° C to + 120 ° C.
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Bearing CRAFT 18590/18520

Code: 00017154
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Price: 126 uah
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CRAFT Lithuania

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Name Brand Type Photo Video Price / Availability
Bearing MCB 18590/520 MCB Tapered roller MCB 18590/520 Фото4 Tapered roller MCB 18590/520 160 грн. Are available
Bearing KOYO HI-CAP 18590/20 KOYO Tapered roller KOYO HI-CAP 18590/20 Фото4 Tapered roller KOYO HI-CAP 18590/20 357 грн. Are available
Bearing NTN 4T-18590/18520 NTN Tapered roller NTN 4T-18590/18520 Фото4 Tapered roller NTN 4T-18590/18520 365 грн. Are available
Bearing 18590/20 PFI PFI Tapered roller 18590/20 PFI Фото4 Tapered roller 18590/20 PFI 402 грн. Are available
Bearing ZKL 18590/18520 ZKL Tapered roller ZKL 18590/18520 Фото4 Tapered roller ZKL 18590/18520 342 грн. Goods expected Notify me of admission Request a call back
Bearing Fersa 18590/18520 FERSA Tapered roller Fersa 18590/18520 Фото4 Tapered roller Fersa 18590/18520 368 грн. Goods expected Notify me of admission Request a call back
Фото2 Tapered roller CRAFT 18590/18520
(CRAFT 18590/18520)
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