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The nut round spline KM05, KM5, KM05, KM5, with a metric thread of M25x1,5, is made according to the standards DIN 981, DIN 1804, GOST 11871-88. It is used to fix the bearing on the shaft or on the adapter sleeve together with MB washers DIN DIN 5406, GOST 11872-89, as well as with MB washer into fixing sleeves H DIN 5415, GOST 24208-80. The KM nut is also used for mounting bearings on the conical shafts of the shafts and dismounting bearings from tightening sleeves AH DIN 5416. Support nuts (lock nuts) have four or eight cuts, symmetrically distributed around the perimeter, into which the hook of the corresponding hook wrench is inserted. In general, smaller nuts (up to size ..40-KM .., KML ..) have a metric thread and large (from the dimension ..41) trapezoidal thread. Types of toothed washers are also directly related to size. MB .. and MBL .. toothed washers are used for small nuts, as well as MS .. washers for large nuts. The washers are inserted into the groove on the shaft and fix the position of the nut.
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Locknut KM05

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