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Bearing 962715

Bearings are an important part of many mechanisms. They are able to operate at high speeds, elevated temperatures and huge loads. Today we will talk about used in loaders bearings 962715ХС17, whose distinguishing feature is the ability to withstand loads above 90 kN.

The first thing that catches your eye is an unusual dark, almost black bearing color. The outer surface of the massive rounded outer ring has a low purity finish. It is a guide, so it is made somewhat rough and slightly rough to the touch. Due to the massiveness of the outer ring, the bearing can withstand enormous loads: 93 kN in motion and 98 kN - in statics. Indoor roller bearing, lubricated at the factory (C17 in the designation - filling with Litol-24 grease). The possibility of additional lubrication during operation, through the holes in the inner ring of the bearing. The letter X in the designation is responsible for the presence of parts made of cemented steel (carbon-enriched iron), which increase the strength of the bearing.

The 962715 bearing has no analogues in the import market. Quality bearings of this type manufactures 10 GPPs (Rostov-on-Don). The bearings of other firms, cheaper, can be assembled from parts made in China, which entails a decrease in quality and performance.

The main characteristics of the 962715 bearing are as follows:

  • inside diameter, mm: 75
  •   outer diameter, mm: 129
  •   height, mm: 30
  •   weight, kg: 1.7
  •   number of rollers, pcs: 30
  •   dynamic load capacity, kN: 93
  •   static load capacity, kN: 98
  •   maximum number of revolutions, rpm: 1400

The most common use of the 962715 bearing is in Lviv-made forklift trucks, in particular, the 40810 model. A set of eight bearings is placed on each loader: four are mounted on the mast, four more are mounted on the carriage. For further assembly, bearings 962702C17 are inserted into bearings 962715.

You can get the 962715 bearing, having made the order on the website of the company VPK Podshipnik.

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