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Where to get a small bearing

Bearings for radio models

At the moment, engineering is trying to reduce and make more compact most modern technology. In it, where accuracy and miniature is required, mini-bearings are also indispensable. Today, miniature bearings are used in cosmetology, dentistry (drilling machines), in cooling systems (computer fans), robotics, 3D printers, rollers and skateboards, fishing reels, and so on. But the most widespread miniature bearings for radio-controlled models, such as cars.

Miniature bearings are those whose outer diameter is less than 30 mm. Bearing measurement systems, which can be metric or non-metric, should be considered. On our site posted Search instructions for inch bearings.

Under miniature bearings, you should not mean only the type ballpoint,

HK0408 - needle bearing;

F8-16G - thrust bearing;

Many people have a question about where to get a small bearing, so a whole appeared on the VPK Bearing website section of miniature bearings.


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The bearing ex206g2 is a ball bearing that serves as a support for the shafts, its body consists of two rings that are connected by a cage.

Bearing es207g2 is fastened a ball bearing. The bearing consists of two parts – races, inner and outer, connected by a cage. It is self-installing (housing).

The es208g2 bearing is a ball bearing that is attached to the shaft. The two parts, called races, inner and outer, connected by a cage, make up its body.

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