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Cheap bearings buy firm ST
CT brand bearings are available. Buy cheap bearings in Ukraine can be on the site MIC Bearing
Chinese bearings
The lowest prices for bearings in the company VPK Podshipnik
Longitudinal bearings
Linear bearings (they are also linear bushings) are most often used in mechanical engineering and industrial production. They have several advantages over other types of bearings.
Bearing accuracy class
What is the accuracy class in the bearing, why it is needed and how critical it is - this is all you can find out in our article.
33213 or 2007213
Bearing 33213 analog in accordance with GOST 2007213. Roller conic single-row. Bearing for trailers. Bearing for trucks.
33116 or 3007716
Bearing 33116 analog in accordance with GOST 3007716. Roller conic single-row. Bearing for trailers. Bearing for trucks.
80018 or 608zz
Miniature bearing 608 z - the most popular in its lineup. Analogue in accordance with GOST 80018. Dimensions 8x22x7 mm. Bearing for rollers. Bearing specifications. Bearing Reference.
Bearing generator B17-99. Analogue according to FAG 806078, 6304-d17-B17-2RS FERSA, B17-99 DDW8CG16E NSK. Sizes 17*52*17
Bearing 1580205. Analogs K 6205, 1726205 SKF, 205 NPP B INA, 6205 S EE SNR, UD 205 ZVL. Combine bearing. Size 25x52x15 mm.
Labeling of glands of the Turkish brand SUPTEX
Features of design solutions of glands laid in their labeling. Every digit and every letter is not accidental - they carry information in themselves. Understanding the variety of balling is not so difficult. The article provides various types of SUPTEX oil seals.
Replacing the V-belt: how not to make a mistake
The features of marking V-belts according to the import system and according to GOST are different, and this may cause an error when ordering. You can find out more about this in our article.
KFLT changes its name to PBF
At the beginning of the year, the Polish company KFLT (Fabryka Łożysk Tocznych - Kraśnik) changed its name to PBF (Polish Bearings Factory). History bearings KFLT.
Bearing 6203 2RS. Analogue of GOST 180203. 17*40*12 Marking options 6203rs, 6203 llu, 6203 ddu, 6203 ee, bearing 6203 closed
Bearing 6203 2RS. Analogue according to GOST 180203. Dimensions 17x40x12. Possible labeling options: 6203rs, 6203 llu, 6203 ddu, 6203 ee. Bearing 6203 closed. Combine bearing.
Bearing 6201Z. Analogue of GOST 80201. Marking 6201zz, 6201 2z, 6201 z
Bearing 6201 ZZ. Analogue in accordance with GOST 80201. Possible marking 6201z, 6201 2z or 6201 z. Truck Sensor Bearing, Hand Power Tool Element
Bearing 6309 N. Analogue in accordance with GOST 50309. Bearing 6309 with a groove / groove under the retaining ring
Bearing 6309 N. Analogue of GOST 50309. 6309 with a groove under the retaining ring. Radial ball bearing with groove for retaining ring. Distribution box of GAZ trucks.
Bearing 62203 2RS. Analogue 180503 according to GOST. Marking 62203 rs, 62203 ee
Engine bearing, generator. Bearing 180503 or its import analog 62203 rs. Characteristics, applicability, description.
Bearing 6206 2RS. Analogue 180206, 6206rs, 6206 closed, 6206 llu, 6206 ddu
Bearing 6206 2RS. Analogue according to GOST 180206. Marking 6206rs, 6206 closed, 6206 llu, 6206 ddu. Wheel bearing. Propeller shaft bearing.
Bearing 629 ZZ, analogues 80029, 629 2z, 629-z
The bearing 629 z, analog 80029. The bearing in the Gazelle. The bearing of the generator.
Bearing 6002 2RS, analogue in accordance with GOST 180102, marking 6002 DDU, 6002 RS, 6002 LLU
Bearing 6002 2rs. Ball bearing, widely used in the automotive industry (both domestic and imported), hand tools.
Bearing 6202 2RS. Analogs 180202 according to GOST, 6202rs, 6202 ee, 6202 ddu, 6202 closed
Bearing 6202 2RS. Analogue 180202 GOST, 6202rs, 6202 ee, 6202 llu. The bearing of the generator, the bearing on agricultural machinery